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Search and share team voice conversations

How we helped Otter’s AI turn team conversations into smart notes
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Turning conversations into notes

All of the world’s most valuable information is communicated verbally every day in meetings, phone calls, classes, and interviews. Until now, it’s been difficult to capture, review, and share these important moments accurately, all in one place.

When Otter came to us with the leading AI voice-transcription technology for multiple voices, we couldn’t wait to create a fun, beautiful product for teams to start using.

Playful vibes to brighten any meeting

Otter is for work, so we didn’t want the experience to feel like work. Using a clean interface with interjections of friendly colors and typography, our designs aim to delight new users and reward everyday users as they complete tasks.

Reflecting the voices who come together to share their thoughts and ideas on Otter, our colorful shapes and animations represent the building blocks of all conversations.
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Building trust with cycles of sharing

After a meeting, the most important step is sharing the notes and next steps. With a lean UX research phase, we found conversation members felt more at ease with recordings if they knew everyone present could access the finished transcription.

With this insight, we made sharing easy, intuitive, and rewarding by encouraging Otter users to invite their peers to collaborate on their conversation notes.

Easily edit and save the most important moments

Based on our research, people capture the important points of a meeting in very different ways. We knew the ability to edit and highlight important notes was essential. Using in-line editing and one-tap saving, the interface seamlessly allows users to make up for any of Otter’s misinterpretations.

Not only are users loving the product —with Mashable naming Otter a top app of 2018—, but the Otter team has the backing of renowned venture capitalists with a recent $10 million Series A round as part of its mission to make all voice conversations accessible and searchable.
AISense’s customers are putting its technology to a wide variety of uses: augmenting enterprise collaboration, analyzing customer services calls, automating note-taking, and more.
Jason Bloomberg