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The Wardrobe Operating System

Each morning, women around the world stare into their closets thinking “not this again”. Yes, you know the daily hassle. With seemingly infinite outfit combinations and no clue how to choose, many of us get overwhelmed and fall back to comfortable favorites.

Entrepreneurs Whitney Casey and Brooklyn Decker were determined to find a solution. Their ask: take the hassle out of picking an outfit and make it easy for women to get dressed and get on with their lives. Introducing Finery.

Bringing Finery to Life

Our initial challenge was to position Finery in its own category so it wasn’t perceived as another e-commerce platform. Sure you can buy clothes on the app—but it does so much more than that.

We went through many iterations and visual treatments of the brand and landed on one that both teams are proud of. But we didn’t stop there. We built a marketing site as a continuation of the visual design and unique story, providing people with the exact information they need to know to inspire download.

Meet your personal stylist

Finery uses machine learning to get to know a woman’s personal style and offers daily outfit inspiration based on her look. If something’s missing from her capsule wardrobe, Finery’s Wishlist features items that would take her style to the next level.

Bridging the gap between online and real life, Finery looks for every opportunity to serve up useful information that might aid the daily dilemma. For example, the app gives updates on the weather to ensure women are prepared, rain or shine.

Automation station

A big moment of delight in Finery is the ability to securely connect the app with your email to find online purchase receipts and generate a digitized catalog of your wardrobe. You can always fall back on taking pictures of items but it’s 2018 and we don‘t think you should have to.

Review and Refine

As style preferences change and evolve over time, Finery’s features make it easy to customize outfits based on colour, brand, and personal preferences to find exactly what you want.
At first, we were skeptical. Could this shop actually deliver on its reputation? The answer is yes. 100 times yes. We ❤️ MetaLab

Brooklyn Decker & Whitney Casey

Co-founders, Finery
Finery helps women catalog their wardrobe and rediscover clothes they haven't worn in years.
This one product is the secret to getting dressed faster in the morning.
The first ever closet operating system that catalogs and styles every item you own for a maximum usage, addressing the classic "so many clothes but nothing to wear."