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February 26, 2019

Introducing AMA: Ask MetaLab Anything

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If we’ve learned anything, it’s that turning product ideas from napkin sketches into reality is a wild, ever-changing ride. For us, it’s been over a decade of trying new things and figuring out what does and doesn’t work along the way.

We get a lot of questions from clients, fellow design firms, and those in the design and engineering community about how we design and build products.

As we approach shipping 200 products — and feeling inspired by our team's favorite place on Reddit — we thought now would be a good time to start answering the questions we get more publicly.

An Open Invitation

So, come one, come all! Send your questions to and each month, our team will start sharing our answers to the most burning questions we get on design, engineering, UX research, product management, and anything else on your mind.

One of our values is—be honest, not perfect—so we'll try to give you our best answer. Will it be the only way to design, build and ship world class product? Hell no. But it will be a way that has worked for us and we hope works for you too. 

Get your questions in and check the MetaBlog each month for answers to your questions — or sign up below for our quarterly newsletter if you’d rather receive the answers every few months.

Until then, keep the questions coming. We look forward to hearing from you.

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